Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

cover graphic The Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County was awarded a two-year Youth Homeless Demonstration Program (YHDP) grant in the amount of $6,078,027 to create and implement a plan to end homelessness for unaccompanied youth under 25 years old, including launching new projects to help us reach this goal. Since the beginning planning stages of the YHDP, partners in suburban Cook County, IL, have been deeply embedded in learning more about the experiences of youth homelessness in our community and developing approaches and solutions that better meet the diverse and complex needs of youth and young adults and expand the availability of services in an equitable way. 

Our vision is to end youth homelessness in suburban Cook County by the end of 2024. Driven by youth leadership and cross-sector collaboration, youth homelessness in our community will be brief, rare, and one-time.  All young people experiencing homelessness will have immediate and equitable access to everything they need to thrive in their housing, education, employment, well-being, and positive connections.

Community stakeholders, including youth and young adults with lived experience of homelessness, spent eight months planning and developing a comprehensive community plan. The final plan was approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in April 2020. The Suburban Cook County Community Plan to End Youth Homelessness (download below) will guide the creation and implementation of new projects with the overall goal of ending youth homelessness in suburban Cook County by 2024.