Strategic Plan 2019-2022

"The Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County (the Alliance) is committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating homelessness in our community. Ending homelessness in Suburban Cook County – which covers more than 570 square miles and 130 municipalities – means ensuring that those who are experiencing a crisis of homelessness obtain safe and stable housing as quickly as possible and do not return to the homeless system. This Plan articulates a strategic path to guide our efforts and achieve these goals over the next three years. This plan does so by building upon the foundation, strengths, and successes of our previous plan, A Strategic Plan Forward to End Homelessness (2014-2017), and utilizing strategies informed by analyses of our existing homeless response system in Suburban Cook County.

Over the last three years, the Alliance has achieved many of the goals set out in the previous three-year strategic plan, which include expanding permanent housing inventory, identifying and lowering barriers to system entry and housing, building out Coordinated Entry processes, and increasing systemwide data capacity. To continue to make progress over the next three years, this Plan will focus on how to continue developing our work into a fully coordinated system to end homelessness. We will strive to ensure that all the programs and interventions employed to address homelessness function together with a common set of objectives and performance measures – and that the system’s resources are being used to maximize impact and yield the greatest possible results."*

*From the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County created in partnership with Focus Strategies