2021 Project Review Panel – Ranked List Recommendation

The "2021 Project Review Panel - Ranked List Recommendation" and summary memo are attached below. We are distributing this written recommendation in advance of the October 22nd Board Meeting where the Board will vote to accept or revise the ranked list and funding recommendations. In accordance with the Alliance's Tenets of Project Review, we are distributing this list in advance of the Alliance Board Meeting to allow "impacted parties the opportunity to review and respond to the recommendations. If agencies wish to develop a counterproposal to the recommendations, they are advised to discuss and vet those scenarios with the Alliance Executive Director, the CoC Planning Director, [and/or] the Project Prioritization Committee Chair" prior to the Alliance Board Meeting. The 2021 Ranked List and Appeals Process will be emailed to all project applicants and posted on the Alliance website on Monday, October 25th following the Board vote.

Alliance Board Meeting - Friday, October 22 from 10am to noon

For any questions about the 2021 CoC Funding Competition process, please contact Katie Spoden, CoC Planning Director, at katie@suburbancook.org.