New Way to Record Contacts - DRAFT 2020 SubCook Current Living Situation (CLS) Form

As of 10/01/2019, contact information now includes additional questions that are not yet in ServicePoint.  The Current Living Situation questions replace the Contact field.

Download  - *DRAFT* Current Living Situation Form

This draft form is intended to assist Street Outreach projects (SO) and Night by Night Emergency Shelters (NbN) with capturing the necessary information to complete the new Current Living Situation (CLS) data standard.  

Street Outreach: Record a Contact/Current Living Situation for every contact made with each client, including on the same date as when you record the Project Start (Entry) Date, Prior Living Situation, or Date of Engagement.

Night-by-Night Shelters: Record a Contact/Current Living Situation only when the interaction goes beyond a basic provision of shelter services.

The CLS also allows for documenting when a client is temporary or permanent housing situation but who may be at imminent risk of homelessness.

Once we have completed the upgrade to the newest version of ServicePoint, which includes the changes to the 2020 HMIS Data Standards, all previously recorded Contacts information will be mapped to the relevant CLS questions, effective October 1, 2019