IMPORTANT! Both NOFA Applications (New and Renewal) have been updated!

August 3, 2016

On August 3, 2016 both the Renewal and the New NOFA Applications for the 2016 NOFA competition in suburban Cook County were updated to address the omission of a Subtotal box and a Total box on the budget charts.  The revised applications have been posted (look to the right) and include "Updated 8-3-2016" in their file names.

If you have previously started the Alliance Renewal Application, you do not need to start over; we will accept either version. For the Alliance New Project Application, please use the revised version.

Strategic Plan 2014-2017

"The Alliance contracted with the Social IMPACT Research Center to facilitate a process throughout the latter half of 2013 to create an updated strategic plan to guide their work to end homelessness in the coming years. A Strategic Path Forward to Ending Homelessness is a culmination of this work."*